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Weed & Pest Board


Bison Office

PO Box  126

Bison, SD  57620


605-244-5629 (office)

605-231-5560 (fax)








Weed Board Members

Chuck Anderson- Chairman

Tim Smith- Vice Chairman

Eric Sander

Kyle Kennedy

Rusty Foster - Commissioner

Grasshopper Spraying Information:

The County is not doing cost shares with the spraying company. 
For information on spraying, please contact: 
Warren Raguse (701)541-0102

Under the administration of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Perkins County Board of Commissioners appoint a county weed and pest board consisting of five members, one of which must be a Commissioner. They may spend county funds to remove weeds and pests and collect the money from the landowner.

Canada Thistle – Spreading at an ALARMING rate

The Perkins County Weed & Pest Board would like to release the following information to the public regarding a noxious weed that is spreading not only in the county countryside, but also in some towns as well. 


Although there are many noxious weeds growing this year, it has come to the Board's attention that Canada thistle is spreading at an alarming rate.  

Canada Thistle is the most well-known noxious weed in South Dakota.  There are over 1.3 million acres infested in South Dakota, with annual losses exceeding $59 million.

          Canada Thistle can destroy natural habitats and is difficult to control.  Canada Thistle can directly or indirectly injure or cause damage to:  crops, interests of agriculture, natural resources.  Under South Dakota state law, landowners are required to eradicate or control the spread of these plants.

          Canada Thistle grows two to five feet tall and branches at the top.  It has numerous flowers on branched heads which are usually lavender in color, but may also be pink or white (see enclosed picture).   It reproduces by tufted seeds dispersing by the wind. The seed can remain viable in the soil for over 20 years.  The chemical to eradicate the plant is Milestone; the county gives landowners a cost share on the chemical if purchased from Dakota Feed and Seed.  Milestone may be applied during the whole growing season.


The Perkins County Weed & Pest Board would like to thank all land-owners for their cooperation in controlling noxious weeds. 


For further information regarding noxious weeds, brochures and pamphlets  or any questions or concerns you may have please contact the Perkins County Weed & Pest Supervisor, Brenda Kari (605)244-5629.

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