The county sheriff assures that all the laws of the state are executed and enforced. He is also responsible for pursuing and apprehending all felons, executing all writs, warrants and other process from any court or magistrate. He may contain or dispose of any dangerous animal.

Sheriff / Emergency Manager

Bison Office

PO Box 234

Bison, SD  57620


605-244-5243  (phone)

605-244-5611  (fax)


Lemmon Office

100 Main Ave

Lemmon, SD  57638 


605-374-5651  (phone)

Sheriff: Kelly Serr

Chief Deputy: Chris Goldsmith


Bison Officers

Deputy Matt Kindsvogel

Deputy Ryan Serr

Administrative Deputy: Tammy Buer

Lemmon Officers:

Deputy Bill Johnson

Deputy Greg Karels

Deputy Matt Giesler

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South Dakotans who had been delayed in renewing their registrations during the months of March thru May of 2020 will have until July 31st, 2020 to complete their registration renewals.  Additionally, any newly acquired vehicles, whose seller’s or temporary permits expired from the end of March through today (July 7th) will have until July 31, 2020 to title and register their vehicle.  Interest and penalties associated with the extended title and registration periods will be waived, as long as they are current before August 1, 2020. Contact Perkins County Finance Office with any questions. 605-244-5613 or 605-244-5624

​The Perkins County Sheriff also acts as the Perkins County Emergency Manager.  

The Perkins County Emergency Manager works closely with the federal and state officials. The Emergency Manager plans for and manages disasters. Currently Perkins County is the lead county for Region 2, including Butte, Corson, Dewey, Harding, Lawrence, Meade, Perkins and Ziebach Counties. 

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