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Perkins County
Spraying  By Kristen Lisdskov Seidel
Tracy Hintz
Perkins County Court House
Combine By Kristen Lindskov Seidel
old house
Moving Pairs
Horses Photo Credit Tracy Hintz
Hugh Glass
Winter Wheat Photo Credit to Tracy H
Bison, SD
Photo Credit to Tracy Hintz
Dakota Lodge
Daviston Ball Game
Old Lemmon Depot
Sun Set
Main St Bison, SD
Wheat Field
Shadehill Reservoir
Farming in Perkins County
Lemmon Schoolhouse
Fairview School House, Prairie City
Original Courthouse with addition
Corn Field
Main Street Lemmon
Soy Bean Field
Beautiful place to live
Original Perkins County Courthouse
Addition to Perkins County
Petrified Wood Park, Lemmon
City of Lemmon

Perkins county is a tight-knit rural community of 3,037 people in 2,890 square miles.  Perkins County stretches approximately 63 miles North to South and 46 miles East to West, and is located in Northwestern South Dakota.  


Agricultural activities are the largest land uses throughout the county, accounting for 79% of the total land area.  Two incorporated municipalities, Bison and Lemmon, along with several unincorporated communities are located in Perkins County.  The centrally located town of Bison is the County Seat.


The county was organized in 1909 from portions of Butte and Harding Counties.  The county was populated in what is known as the second Dakota boom, spurred by the westward expansion of the railroad.  The expansion of the railroad, along with the promise of land to homestead, lured settlers to the county.  


By 1910 the population of the county was 11,348 people.  Today, the population of Perkins County is estimated at 3,037.  While the county has witnessed significant population decline since it was originally organized, a new trend has emerged over the last two years:  the population of Perkins County is growing.  Although the population gains are slight, it may be an indication of future growth in the county.



  • Area: 2,891 sq miles

  • Population: 3,033 (2014)

  • Unemployment rate: 3.0% (Aug 2013)



2014 Census:

​Population:          3,033

Townships:                41 organized

                                   24 unorganized

Municipalities:           Bison (333)

                                    Lemmon (1,227)

School Districts:         Bison   52-1

                                    Lemmon  52-4

                                    Faith  46-2

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