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Predator Control Board



Max Matthews - President

JD Ryen - Vice President

Don McKinstry - Treasurer

Kory VanWyk - Secretary


Board Members


Beau Chapman

Charlie Harpster

David Nash

Lane Kopren

TW Schalesky

State Trapper:

     Mel Utter: 605-390-2364

Predator Control Census


Click on the link above for the Predator Control Census Questionnaire.  You can e-mail it to:


If you are not certain you turned in your livestock number to us yet, give us a call @ 605-244-5623.  

Due Annually by February 15th

Next   Meeting:

No Meetings Scheduled

Predator Animal Board
2022 PAY 2023

Sheep (6 mths. of age and older)     
50 cents/head
Cattle (6 mths. of age and older)      
25 cents/head

40-36-11. County appropriations to animal damage control fund--Certification of amounts--State matching funds


Each county shall annually appropriate a sum equal to an assessment on all cattle and sheep based on the most current United States Department of Commerce census of agriculture, and the money shall be remitted to the state treasurer for deposit in the state animal damage control fund.


Each county shall be assessed at a rate of twenty-five cents per head for all sheep and six cents per head for all cattle.


The Department of Game, Fish and Parks shall certify, to each county auditor, the amount to be appropriated. The state animal damage control fund shall be matched two dollars for every one dollar of county appropriation by funds of the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

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