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Highway Department


PO Box 158

Bison, SD  57620


605-244-5629  (phone)

605-231-5560   (fax)


Cody Green - Highway Superintendent -- for General Inquiries

The Highway Superintendent, appointed by the County Commissioners, is in charge of constructing, maintaining and repairing all the Perkins County's 551.9 miles of county roads, 248.55 miles of unorganized township roads and 52 bridges. 

The Highway Superintendent is charged with the direction and supervision of work and keeps record of all costs. The Highway Superintendent must approve all bills associated with county road maintenance before payment. Payment for work on the county road system is made from the county road and bridge fund and payment for unorganized township roads is paid out of secondary road fund located in the road and bridge fund.



If you see any suspicious behavior in, around or near any county equipment or property,

please inform The Highway Superintendent, Cody Green at 605-490-7634,

or contact the Sheriff’s office at 605-244-5243.

Thank you!

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